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Rosanne Milliken has a built a career on producing movies that are both entertaining and profitable. She has worked as a Producer or Executive in Charge on over 50 films and television productions, and is best known for Tucker & Dale vs. Evil, Superbabies: Baby Geniuses 2, and School of Life starring Ryan Reynolds. She has recieved numerous awards and all of her productions have been profitable, averaging a 55% return for investors.

Scott Bailey is first and foremost a businessman, with a successful track record of taking projects from inception through to their profitable conclusion. He offers invaluable experience, expertise and a vast network of contacts developed during a career spanning 30+ years working throughout the Americas, Europe and Asia. Prior to entering film and television production, he worked at Kodak Digital Imaging and Motion Picture for 10 years engineering large-scale enterprise digital solutions.
Jan Fantl has vast experience in international entertainment business. Co-production, co-financing; supervising, selling, structuring and managing productions, he has supervised for several Media Funds as COO and hands-on Co-Producer.
After 40 years “on set” and “at a desk“ it is still his passion to produce international theatrical and high quality TV movie productions. Jan has produced acclaimed films such as Beyond the Sea with Kevin Spacey, Kate Bosworth, John Goodman and Bob Hoskins; as hands-on Co Producer of Tristan & Isolde with James Franco, Sophia Myles; Ridley & Tony Scott, The Musketeer with Catherine Deneuve, Tim Roth, Mena Suvari and Sound of Thunder with Ben Kingsley & Ed Burns.

Born in Prague in 1954, he literally grew up on his father’s sets and completed many internships by the time he graduated high school. He worked as unit manager, assistant editor and 1st AD on numerous projects with reputable directors for 10 years. At the same time between, ´81 – ´88, he completed more than 170 comm- and infomercials for Daimler Benz, Lufthansa, IBM and others as Producer, Writer and Director.

In 1984 he made his father’s dream come true and produced the documentary feature about his father’s tragic childhood, the award-winning The Children of Theresienstadt – Gateway to Hell. Fantl also worked as writer/director to re-launch the German version of Sesame Street in `86. He continued for three years as a TV Producer and “Head of Infotainment” at Multimedia-Cinecentrum, a company co-owned by Axel Springer, Europe’s largest publishing house.

In 1996 he was appointed as TV Executive Producer to lead Action Concept into producing the very successful action cult hit Der Clown for German Broadcaster RTL. In 1997 he produced Miss Diamond – still one of the best-rated MOW’s ever for German broadcaster PRO 7.

Since then Jan Fantl has taken care of more than 53 international film projects with more than 1,1 billion €uro of budgets in total including D’Artagnan – The Musketeer (Universal), which made it to Number 1 in the US Box Office on its opening weekend September 7th in 2001; Extreme Ops (Paramount); Spartan ; Riding the Bullet ; Imaginary Heroes (Sony Classics), Beyond the Sea (Lionsgate) and Tristan & Isolde (Fox).

Fantl is in development of BikeAthon, an action motorbike rally thriller set in China and Canada, action dramedy Let’s get lost in Berlin and the TV series, Straylords.

Joshua M. Hall

Project Development & Finance (USA)

Project Development & Finance

Project Development & Finance

Project Development & Finance

Mr. Winters is a writer / director who has written, directed and produced the made for TV series Psychic Travelers. He co-wrote, produced and directed the documentary Eddie Macken: True Legend, an engrossing tale of the world’s leading horse jumping champion for European networks Sky Sports and H&C TV. He is currently Director of Photography on a series for Global Television (a Canadian national broadcaster). He brings vast, practical knowledge from his extensive on-set experience and has four screenplays in the works for future  production.

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